Based on the novel Gulliver´s Travels, Jonathan Swift 1726, the artist recreates a world full of symbolism, turning around a story written by a man, starred by another man and in wich women´s marginal roles. Gómez Liebre steps up to take control.

…«the kingdom is a peninsula that limits to the northeast by a chain of mountains of 5.000 meters of height and they are absolutely impassable because of the volcanoes of their summits. No one knows what is on the other side. On the other three it borders the ocean. There is not a single port in the whole kingdom,, and the coastal areas where the rivers flow are so full of sharp pitfalls and the sea is so brave that there is no one to venture even with the smallest of its boats, so that these people are completely untouched by any type of trade with the rest of the world»…

Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World (Jonathan Swift)


Centro Cultural Galileo
mulier mulieris
Davis Lisboa
Ménades editorial

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