Exhibition Liliput – Centro Cultural Galileo 2017

Exhibition Liliput – Centro Cultural Galileo 2017

7-28 September, 2017 – Centro Cultural GALILEO – MADRID

We are on the edge of the precipice. The intense social change in the last twenty years, agitated by an insatiable growth of the digital media and the impoverishment (in every sense) of the individual, reflects on Isabel Gómez’s portrait of the time being. This series works as a detailed analysis of the present time that runs parallel to the artist’s own life. To our own lives.  She dissects it, acting as an authentic scribe of her time, creating as many answers as questions.

The journey, fantasy, justice; the longing of better times (a constant in the human being), of a reality that slips through your fingers (even though it seemed so solid)… What has become of all of this? Where are we? Where are we going? Fear plays a major role in a journey of self-discovery, and it forces to rethink what seemed immovable.

Based on the novel “Gulliver’s Travels” (Jonathan Swift, 1726), the artist recreates a world full of symbolism, turning around a story written by a man, starred by another man and in which women’s marginal roles are as delicate ladies. Isabel steps up to take control and to turn women into the main characters of the story.

The wonderful pieces of this exhibition display a wide range of techniques and media (large format oil on canvas, drawings, photographs and installation), and come as a surprise. It is a surprise to the viewers but also certainly to the artist. An emotional bewilderment happens when discovering her own life in images.

The feast is over and we discover our truth. Word of curators.

María Jesús Abad Tejerina & Carlos Valverde


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