About me


I use art, and particularly painting, as a tool that allows me to take a stand and to express myself freely. For me, it’s a need and a challenge: to re-invent myself in each piece, remaining true to my principles and ideals.

As a woman artist, I am interested in claiming the place that belongs to us women by nature and that has been denied to us for ages. This is the primary aim of my last works.

With Liliput I’ve interpreted some passages from the novel Gulliver’s Travels (Jonathan Swift), subverting the roles of this mythical tale, whose main character is a man, and giving the leading role to a woman.

In my last projects I keep turning to myths and literature to take a radical shift, starting from a simple gesture.

The characters I choose share many traits: they come from a safe and comfortable place, they decide to get away from it, to start a journey into the unknown; they share a deep sense of justice, a critical vision towards their own societies, an insatiable curiosity, a voice of their own.

I feel fascinated by these traits, and I try to embody them as a creator. After all, an artist is an individual who sets off on a brave journey towards self-awareness.

Technically and formally I am exploring different supports, procedures and experimental practices. As with the conceptual part of my work, I’m open to new challenges that allow me to broaden the discourse and adjust it to my own interests.

I don’t believe in rules or default paths, which curtail risk and authenticity. Surprise is a powerful weapon to activate the viewer’s consciousness, and that’s why I’m always willing to use it.

My purpose is to develop a transgressive vision that allows connecting with the most reflexive side of the viewer, inviting them to think.

We are living a critical age, and I believe it’s a good time to take control of our history and make our own contribution.

Art can be an example for a society in crisis of its values. It must be a part of the structure, something to stimulate a critical eye, and not just an accessory adornment. This is my battle, as an artist, and as a woman.


Isabel Gómez Liebre is based in Madrid, Spain.

She is a Fine Arts graduate from UCM. She is founder and director of Galería Liebre in Madrid, established in 2011.

As a prolific contemporary painter, Gómez reinvents herself in each piece. As a woman artist, her main interest is to claim the place that belongs to women and to the role they played in history and literature, which is often ignored.

Some of her projects involve mythology and literature, exploring the deepest nooks and crannies of our collective unconscious from a woman’s perspective, using classical texts: Gulliver’s Travels, Don Quixote of La Mancha or Huckleberry Finn.

She also works on collective contemporary portraits, with an expanded approach. These pieces resemble some sort of swarm, in which the individuals portrayed are yet diluted in an endless community.

Latest solo exhibitions:

Cultural Centre Matadero, Madrid, Spain.
Cultural Centre Galileo, Madrid, Spain. Nave 73, Madrid, Spain.

Latest colective exhibitions:

XXVIII Ciudad D’Algemesí Painting Award, Valencia.
Opening DCS Contemporary – Karlsruhe.
Mini Museum Davis Lisboa.
BSB Gallery, New Jersey, USA.
Art Africa Fair, Art Week Art Basel Miami, USA.
Galería Liebre, Madrid, Spain.
MECA Mediterranean Arts Center, Almería, Spain.
Exhibition XXIV Painting Award Ciutat d’Algemesí, Valencia, Spain.
Museum of the University of Alicante, Spain.
Art Centre of Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.

Some of her work can be found at the Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain; and is part of private collections in Spain and internationally.

Gómez’s work has also been included in numerous publications, such as Editorial Ménades, Esas que también soy yo. {con}Tensión Editorial, Manifiesto. Newspaper El Mundo, Alicante. El Objetivo. Magazine 967 arte.

Cultural Management

Galería Liebre

Liebre Gallery

This project was born as an attempt to bring to Madrid a new art gallery concept. We tried to take in the most young and dynamic emerging artists, organizing not just exhibitions, but all kind of cultural projects in cooperation with clients, other institutions or companies.

Liebre began its work in contemporary art in October 2011, and it quickly consolidated as a place to exchange ideas and experiences with local and international emerging artists.  Located at Doctor Fourquetstreet, nº30, near Reina Sofía National Museum and La Casa Encendida, in the street with the largest number of art galleries in Spain.

Liebre has participated in national art fairs such as Estampa, Swaab, Arte Santander or PhotoEspaña.

Artists represented by Liebre Gallery: Sandra Paula Fernández, Laramascoto, Santi Lara, Estefanía Martín Sáez, Luis Pérez Calvo, Guillermo Peñalver, Filippos Tsisopoulos.