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Oil on aluminum


40/40 cm



Latest Works

In this series I am working on the theme of “weirdos”, the different ones, which are always very interesting to me. I believe that the symbolic idea or stereotype that we have associated with an individual (their color pattern in these cases) is not so determinant to recognize it, since we continue to do so despite this unusual transformation. However, we know that this difference comes from the mutation of different genes, that is, from the most intrinsic characteristics of the being. On the other hand, the albino mutation offers us the possibility of contemplating immaculate beauty, angelic-looking creatures that pay dearly for their difference, because it is also their weakness.

The encounter between the cold metallic luminosity of aluminum, the plasticity of oil and the realism of the figures has a mesmerizing effect. Sensory, “surface” suggestions, which point to the unconscious.